Monday, June 27, 2011

The A - Z of Social Media

Website that allows user to track multiple social media tools on the one site - TweetDeck, HootSuite

Web crawler that browses the web in a methodical and automated manner

Cloud computing
Computing in which your pc acts as a terminal and you are using a computer elsewhere; e.g. your hotmail account. Instead of running an e-mail program on your computer, you log in to a Web e-mail account remotely. The software and storage for your account doesn't exist on your computer, it's on the service's computer cloud.

Social news website which lets userrs vote stories up or down, called
digging and burying, respectively.

Ego searches
To perform a search for one's own name, or especially their online nickname, using any search engine on the web.

Users cooperate by assigning freely chosen keywords"tags" to pieces of information in a process known as "tagging".

Google Analythics
Marketing tool by the holy mother of search engines that gives detailed statistics about visitors to websites. Used for reviewing online campaigns

Giving that little extra bit of information to make people interested in your online presence.

People who broadcast information they are interested in online, normally on blogs. Important to befriend these people in your strategic area.

Fine for old school press releases as journalists understood it. Certain to kill any social media campaign.

The words you use that make people find your topic of interest.

Somebody who reads your posts but never engages. Are you a lurker?

A web application that combines two or more sources to create new services such as Google maps.

Your circle of contacts that you are looking to increase, interact and influence.

Dont hold back, engage, comment, like, tweet, digg, bury, post - dont be a lurker

Blogging by phone with photos, videos and audio

Opposite of phlogging

The holy grail; this is what you are aiming for; for your tweet to be of such interest and value that it is passed on to increase your network.

Search engine optimization
Process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines

Methods for web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents

User generated content
The user generates the content instead of the normal author pushing out the content onto platform. Can be mistaken for loser generated content if of low quality and constant updating.

Marketing technique where a message is sent to individuals in identified networks that have a high probability of being interested in the message and communicating this message on to others.

Similar to a blog, a wiki allows anyone to edit, delete or modify content that has been placed on the Web site

Social network for business, used for jobs and business ideas

Social media site for networking, user review, and local directory search web site

Social network game developer with applications on websites such as Facebook and Myspace. Games include Texas HoldEm Poker and FarmVille

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