Monday, September 26, 2011

The Hidden Costs of Social Business

Article by John Cass on the hidden costs of a social media strategy;


Sunday, September 25, 2011

10 rules for a successful social media plan

1. Contribute to blogs, forums, wikis; everything that is of relevance to your field.
2. Comment regularly and start dialogue.
3. Create a blog and add posts three times per week.
4. Comment on other blogs, and link to blogs at least once per day.
5. Create a Twitter account and link to your blog and advertise each with the one message.
6. Tweet often and regularly - not in flashes.
7. Create a Facebook account that represents the image you want to portray.
8. Create a YouTube channel and upload videos of what you do and link to your blog and Twitter accounts.
9. Give more information than is available anywhere else.
10. Stick to your plan and do not deviate from your corporate goals.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

7 surefire ways to increase your Twitter following

There are many companies out there who provide a quickfix service in getting you an increase in followers using 'bots'; robots that will flood your system with spam.

If you want to engage with real people and a real audience you should:

Promote your twitter page outside of twitter. If you have a blog, provide a link to your twitter accounts and other social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube etc. If you leave a comment on forums or wiki's make sure their is a link to your twitter account.

If you have a webpage make sure you add the 'Follow Button' to your pages so that readers can easily be added to your followers list.

Add your Twitter address to your business cards. Beware - remember that people from the business community may be reading so keep your tweets sensible.

Engage in conversation with people who have a lot of followers in the hope that they will re-tweet your message, this may have the impact of boosting your followers as you will be seen as a 'reputable person to follow'.

Discuss whatever is in the trending topics; if you say something witty and insightful that tweet will get re-tweeted and could increase your follower count.

FollowFriday – send out FollowFriday tweets of some people you are fans of and maybe one day they will do the same back for you!

Write good content

10 Commandments of Social Media

Thou shalt acknowledge your organisation can benefit from an on-line presence

Thou shalt survey the social media tools available to create, manage and maintain a good online brand

Thou shalt understand the conversation and be aware of brand sentiment and awareness

Thou shalt create and mature a ‘Voice’, an online style/tone that you will stick with/ create an 'online personality'

Thou shalt trust your staff with implemented guidelines on how to and what to contribute

Thou shalt not put restrictions or rules on your new community for they will fragment and go elsewhere

Thou shalt find your audience and engage with them, conversation shall flow and your network shall enlarge

Thou shalt find the strong and weak connections in your group and actively try and link the two into a stronger network

Thou shalt generate spokespeople for your brand by responding on blogs, forums, wiki, tweets in a quick and informing nay entertaining manner

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Image is paramount - managing your online brand

How you appear online is the key to your success. Building credibility starts with you and your personal 2.0 accounts. What does your Facebook account say about you? what do your friends accounts say about your account and in turn what does that say about your business account? Maybe you think this is slighlty going overboard on the fussy scale but attention to detail at this step will make sure your brand gets off on the right foot.

Scan Google with your name and see what comes up? Is it a picture of you drunk or sleeping rough? Was your face tagged in a friend of a friends facebook photo! If sp make sure you sort this out pronto; make yourself familiar with the security settings on Facebook. What type of posts are on your Facebook accounts? Are they rude or vulgar? Are your friends hell bent on refusing to believe that they left university 10 years ago and giving your personal brand a kicking? If so ged rid of them, you can tell a lot about a person by the friends they keep and their email addresses ( - especially when readers dont know you personally and will be getting their cues from the content of your social media sites.

Understand how to use the settings on your Twitter account. If some nut is sending you crazy or offensive tweets learn how to block them. Watch your language and tone as well. Comments are never truely deleted in the internet age. Always portray a positive and inclusive image adding value to the conversation.

Make sure that you send quality posts and blogs. Little and often is the key, but make sure its of value, and dont repeat the same message, it will become tiresome and end up as unwanted spam after a short while!

You should set up a YouTube channel with a distict, clear and crisp presentation. If you are a good presenter why not upload a presentation of the work that you do and videos that interested viewers may find value in? Check to see what videos are available and see how you can tweek them to make them more interesting to your audience. 3000 viewers on how to put on a pair of socks - i rest my case! Make sure you link to your blogs and your other social media platforms. Link everything up!

Listen to your audience. What do they want from you? What can you give them? In social media you have to listen to what the conversation is before you can converse back.